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What Really Goes on During a Pap Smear Exam?

Feb 15, 2019
What Really Goes on During a Pap Smear Exam
The scariest words to an adolescent girl may be either “Pap Smear in Miami” or “no free WiFi” depending on who you’re talking to.

The scariest words to an adolescent girl may be either “Pap Smear in Miami” or “no free WiFi” depending on who you’re talking to. When it comes to your reproductive health, your friends at Trusted Women’s Health Center pride in a clean bill of health and taking out any misconceptions patients have about a pap smear test. It may seem scary, but a pap smear test can uncover live changing results that we can help you make sense of. But first, let’s start with what exactly is a Pap Smear in Miami:

What is a Pap Smear in Miami?

A Pap Smear is a procedure done to test for cervical cancer in women. Usually, during a pap smear, your trained and professional gynecologist will collect cells from your cervix to screen for cancer. By getting a pap smear test done regularly, you can detect cervical cancer early, and it will give you a greater chance at a cure.

What Does The Doctor Ask About?

During your visit to a gynecologist, you may feel nervous about the types of questions you may be asked in regards to your reproductive health. Keep in mind, our trained professionals are not here to make you feel nervous but get a better understanding of your reproductive system. The more honest you are with your doctor, the easier it will be to form a diagnosis. Here’s what to expect from your doctor:

  • Have you or are you sexually active?
  • Are you using STD protection or birth control?
  • Do you think you could be pregnant?
  • When was your last period?
  • Have you had any problems with your period including heavy bleeding or pain?
  • Do you have any unusual sores, itchiness, discomfort in the vaginal area including discharge?

What Happens during a Pap Smear Exam?

When you make an appointment for your annual pap smear exam, you should keep in mind that your doctor is here to provide a full report on your reproductive health. While it may seem frightening at first, the trained professionals at Trusted Women’s Health Center want to guide you through what to expect at our offices:

The basic check: During your visit, expect a nurse to measure your basic body measurements such as your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and height. Your doctor may also examine your lungs, belly, and heart to get a well-rounded look of your health. These will be used for general health purposes and baseline comparisons in future exams.

Examining the breasts: While breast cancer is sporadic in adolescent girls, a breast exam is still an essential part of any visit to your gynecologist. Here, your doctor will not only check for cancer but make sure you are developing well and to detect any cysts or lumps.

An external examination: Most likely, you have already changed into a gown allowing our professionals to examine you properly. With your pelvis and thighs draped by a sheet, you will be asked to lie on the table with your knees bend and spread apart. You may be asked to place your feet in the stirrups. While in the position, your doctor will examine external genitalia for swelling, sores or any other problems that may be of concern.

An internal examination: During a pelvic exam, the doctor will place one hand on your belly and two fingers inside the vagina to feel the size and position of the uterus and ovaries. Sometimes, a speculum will be used to open up the vagina to allow the doctor to see the walls and cervix. Here, your doctor will continue to examine and may perform an STD test.

The pap smear: In this same position, your doctor will perform a pap smear test. Here, the doctor will gently scrape the cells from the cervix using a small spatula or brush. The sample is checked in a lab for cell changes and cancer.

As you can see, a Pap Smear in Miami isn’t frightening at all. Our trained professionals at Trusted Women’s Health will not only provide the best patient care but promote a comfortable experience through your pap smear. For more questions or to set an appointment, please feel free to give us a call.