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We Bet You Didn’t Know Birth Control Cured This

Feb 08, 2019
Benefits of Birth Control
To a woman, “period” and “menstrual cycle” are two of the most annoying words. Your period can either signify another month without pregnancy, or just a week worth of torture and leaks.

To a woman, “period” and “menstrual cycle” are two of the most annoying words. Your period can either signify another month without pregnancy, or just a week worth of torture and leaks. Either way, birth control can help combat many of the period problems women face today. Most think “what else can birth control do other than preventing pregnancy?” Your friends at Trusted Women’s Health are here to walk you through the Benefits of Birth Control.

What is birth control?

Birth control is a method used to stop unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Birth control comes in many different forms, but in all, it’s job is to prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg. Here are a few types of the most common birth controls:

Hormonal methods

  • The pill
  • The patch
  • The ring

Barrier methods

  • Condoms

Intrauterine Device

  • IUD, both hormonal and copper

Natural methods

  • Abstinence

Emergency Contraception

  • Plan B

While birth control’s main job is to prevent pregnancy, the pill can take roles in other parts of your body, easing period symptoms. For most, a menstrual cycle isn’t the most pleasurable, and most dread it, but birth control can cure many of the headaches periods bring. Here are some Benefits of Birth Control to consider.:

It can relieve PMS

PMS is one of the most common symptoms of a menstrual cycle. It involves a mix of emotional and physical symptoms anywhere between 5 and 11 days before a period. Premenstrual syndrome wreaks havoc, and for the most part, there’s no true cure for moodiness and cravings other than hormonal birth control. The pill’s compound can solve the root of the problem. While taking the pill as directed, it will begin to suppress your most annoying symptoms. Studies show that more than half of women taking hormonal birth control in pill or patch from report that their PMS has suppressed greatly after regular use. Keep in mind that not all pills and patches are created equally. You may need to try a few options before discovering the one that works best for your symptoms.

Regulates menstrual cycles

The length of a menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman. The average length is three to five days. Women with periods lasting only three days are luck compared to some that last seven days or more. Hormonal birth control methods are known to balance fluctuations that may happen throughout a cycle. Because the pill operates on a strict 28 day period, it forces your period to start and stop around the same time every month. Those with longer periods will benefit as the non-hormonal pills will allow a period while the hormonal ones will cause a period to shorten or stop.

Periods will be less painful

31% of women who use a type of hormonal birth control, report menstrual pain as one of the main reasons they continue to use them. While taking over the counter or holistic medications are ideal as they are meant to ease the pain, it’s much easier to take one method that cures everything at once. Hormonal birth control methods prevent ovulation. When your uterus contracts due to ovulation, it causes the pain most feel. While stopping ovulation, you also prevent cramps in the future.

The Benefits of Birth Control are endless. Birth control also helps fight hormonal acne, reduces menstrual migraines, helps prevent cysts and more. While most believe birth control is to do just as its name, it can truly transform your cycle into one of the most annoying weeks of the month to the most enjoyable. For more tips and Benefits of Birth Control, feel free to give us a call.