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Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD - OBGYN

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Best OBGYN in Miami

Should You See an OBGYN?

All women should schedule regular yearly visits with a gynecological professional.

Developing and maintaining a relationship with an OBGYN is important to a woman’s health. Unfortunately, with the anxiety and apprehension that many patients feel regarding these appointments, finding the best OBGYN in Miami may be challenging.

As an Arabic OBGYN doctor in the South Florida community, Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD – OBGYN is a great choice since he is one of the best specialists in Miami for gynecological, as well as obstetric patient care.

Dr. Aldabbagh and his team form Trusted Women’s Health Center work hard to create trusted relationships with our patients in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Read on to learn more about an experience with the best OBGYN in Miami.

What does an OBGYN Do?

OBGYN specialists specialize in female anatomy, healthcare, and reproductive services. This care incorporates prenatal and pregnancy care, even extending to post-partum healthcare after a baby is born.

When a girl begins her very first menstrual cycle, it is important for her to attend her first gynecological appointment. Furthermore, OBGYNs assist with sexual health, as well as STD care.

There are many health concerns that can affect the female reproductive system, which is why seeking out the best OBGYN in Miami is vital to the best possible results.

Why Women Need Annual Examinations

Women should attend annual physical examinations because an OBGYN will not only perform a comprehensive physical examination but also afford patients the opportunity to discuss lifestyle habits. Annual well woman examinations also incorporate immunizations and screenings to ensure patients remain in good health under various circumstances.

During a yearly examination, an OBGYN will address lifestyle issues while spending important time with patients. This even includes seemingly unrelated situations like weight loss, smoking cessation, and other general health concerns.

An OBGYN may also work harmoniously in partnership with a primary care physician. This can include things like blood testing to screen for conditions like liver disease or diabetes. Depending on a patient’s age, they can also administer mammograms and other analyses to determine the patient’s optimal health.

The best OBGYN in Miami will analyze the entire patient, physically and emotionally. Their job is also coordinate care with other specialists a patient may need to see.

Pap Smears and Their Importance

A pap smear reflects an important screening tool that assists OBGYNs in the detection of abnormal cells, in addition to cancer. During a pap smear analysis, an OBGYN will take a sample of cells from the cervix before sending them to a laboratory.

The information that an OBGYN can obtain from this testing is largely to detect cervical cancer. This type of cancer develops within the cells of the lower uterus, an area that connects the uterus to the vagina.

Not only can a pap smear analysis determine abnormal cells, but it may also reveal information on a patient’s increased risks for cervical cancer. It will detect precancerous cell changes, HPV, and cancer.

Unfortunately, patients that display abnormal results in the past, as well as those that remain sexually active with more than one partner will likely need testing on a more frequent basis. Every patient wields different needs. For this reason, it is very important to seek out and speak with the best OBGYN in Miami about risk factors and their needs.

Best OBGYN in MiamiInformation on the Best OBGYN in Miami from Trusted Women’s Health Center

The relationship between an OBGYN and their patient is very important. This professional remains an indispensable resource for long-term patient health, in addition to inspection and analysis that can combat and even prevent the most vulnerable parts in the female body.

When patients cannot communicate or remain uncomfortable with their OBGYN, they tend to withhold important, sometimes lifesaving information from the professional. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with the best OBGYN in Miami is essential to the best possible results and optimal female healthcare.

Our team from Trusted Women’s Health Center takes the time to know each and every one of our patients. We can accomplish this by focusing on their comfort in the most welcoming environment possible. To learn more about an appointment and care from our team, contact our professional and dedicated staff today for more information!