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Examine Your Breasts

What Really Goes on During a Pap Smear Exam?

The scariest words to an adolescent girl may be either “Pap Smear in Miami” or “no free WiFi” depending on who you’re talking to. When it comes to your reproductive health, your friends at Trusted Women’s Health Center pride in a clean bill of health and taking out any mi...
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female stomachache Miami, FL | Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD - OBGYN

That Burning Sensation is a UTI: Here’s Why

The burning sensation you have when you urinate is a UTI. Somehow, you got bacteria into your genitals, and now you’re going to the bathroom every 30 minutes and disrupting workflow in the office. Most think that something may be broken down there, but in all, you may have a urinary tract infe...
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endometriosis pain treatment Miami, FL | Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD - OBGYN

Our Doctors Agree on These Remedies for Your Endometriosis Pain Relief

Endometriosis Pain Treatment that Works Endometriosis is not like any other menstrual issue. While it is affected by hormonal influences, it remains fundamentally an inflammatory and potentially autoimmune disorder. Endometriosis involves tissue growth similar to uterine lining throughout the pelvis...
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