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What is a Pap smear?


A Pap Smear is typically part of an annual gynecology checkup. During the exam, your doctor first inserts a speculum to hold the vagina open and uses a swab to collect cells. These cells are collected in and around the cervical region, where the uterus opens into the vaginal canal. The cells that are collected are sent to a laboratory where they are examined for abnormal cells that might signal cancerous growth.


What to Expect in a Pap Smear Examination?


Most women can agree that this procedure may be uncomfortable and slightly awkward, but Dr. Sidiq’s patients often share that this is no longer the case. Dr. Sidiq has worked with hundreds of women and can comfortably and easily lead them throughout the process, keeping his patients calm and engaged. It is easy and painless with little to no discomfort.


What Happens if my Test is Positive?


If the results of your Pap test come back positive, that means your doctor found abnormal or unusual cells on your cervix. This does not mean you have cervical cancer. In most cases, the abnormal test result means there have been cell changes caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Cancer is usually not the reason why your Pap test is abnormal. The most common reason for an abnormal Pap test is a vaginal or cervical infection that causes changes in the cells of your cervix. Most of these changes can be followed closely until they return to normal.

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What do people say about Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD?


What do people say about Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh, MD?

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