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Searching for (and finding) the right gynecologist is no easy task. Many patients feel anxiousness and fear regarding a gynecological appointment even once they seemingly discover the right OBGYN in Kendall for their needs.

Nonetheless, a visit with a gynecological professional is essentially mandatory for women each year, and even more important once they reach certain phases in their life. So much could potentially go wrong with the female reproductive system. Fortunately, patients can avoid or decrease gynecological health issues by attending a regular checkup with an OBGYN in Kendall.

Our team from Trusted Women’s Health Center understands how important choosing the right specialist is for patients. After all, this sets them off on the course to feel comfortable, and eventually, healthy. For this reason, we’re breaking down some information on OBGYNs. Read on to learn more.

How to Prepare for an Appointment

Most of the fear that patients feel regarding their OBGYN appointments stems from the fact that many women won’t see a gynecologist until they reach adulthood. Under these circumstances, it is easy to see why patients would feel apprehensive, not knowing what might occur during an examination. Without having the proper information or experience, several things could seem terrifying from the idea of a “stranger” touching a patient, to simply looking at the examination chair.

The good news is that an appointment with an OBGYN in Kendall doesn’t need to be intimidating. Consequently, this is the best opportunity for female patients to understand and analyze their reproductive health. Preparing for this initial visit can help these patients relax, as well as get the most from the appointment.

Before the Examination

When making a first appointment with an OBGYN in Kendall, patients should talk to the gynecologist about their initial appointment. Care providers understand that many women may feel nervous about this experience. They can help patients relax and inform them of the process.

The first part of an examination will primarily involve conversation. Patients can make a list of concerns and generalized questions they want to address. Most patients include information concerning the following:

  • Bleeding during or after sex
  • Heavier than usual menstrual flow
  • Other noticeable irregularities concerning their period
  • Pelvic pain and other issues
  • Spotting between periods
  • Unusual pain

During the Examination

Before a physical examination, the OBGYN in Kendall will take a personal history. They may ask about past illnesses and allergies, as well as things like surgery, health conditions, and pregnancy.

This is the most opportune time to discuss contraception with the physician. The choices for birth control may change throughout a woman’s life. A gynecologist can offer information that the patient can rely on to make the best choice for them.

During any meeting with a gynecologist, it remains crucial to impart accurate information regarding the patient’s sex life. Conditions like STDs can result in sterility and congenital disabilities. Some may even end in death.

Certain conditions can cause great harm, and patients may exhibit no apparent symptoms. For this reason, it is crucial to let a specialist know if a patient may be at risk for an STD.

During an examination, a specialist could potentially detect previous STDs or pregnancies. They won’t, however, be able to identify intercourse or the number of a patient’s partners.

Embarrassment should not represent a health risk. Patients should always provide accurate, comprehensive information regarding sexual health risks, in addition to concerns about sex life in general. This clarity will help an OBGYN in Kendall implement the best possible solutions.

Pap Smears

A pap smear examination checks for precancerous and cancerous cells. This quick procedure is essential and serves as a staple to any gynecological examination. An OBGYN in Kendall will take a sample of the patient’s cervical cells, analyzing them to verify patient health.

Most patients describe this exam as a firm pinch and additionally involves determining the health of their ovaries and uterus. This consists of some light pressure, as well as discomfort. Nonetheless, patients should always express how they feel during any portion of an examination.

OBGYN in KendallAn OBGYN in Kendall from Trusted Women’s Health

Our team from Trusted Women’s Health understands that many may feel challenged by trusting someone they don’t know well or meet for the first time. Nevertheless, we ensure that each patient feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

To learn more about an appointment with an OBGYN in Kendall from our team, contact Trusted Women’s Health today!