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What is an OBGYN in Coral Gables?

An OBGYN in Coral Gables or obstetrician-gynecologist is a medical doctor who specializes in women’s health. The female body experiences a variety of different biological changes and functions throughout a woman’s life. These include menstruation, childbirth, menopause, etc. An OBGYN in Coral Gables offers care for all of these circumstances.

These healthcare professionals will offer a wide berth of general healthcare services that remain similar to what a primary care physician provides. However, the unique focus and expertise centered on the specifics of the female body are where their services differ.

For this reason, our team from Trusted Women’s Health wants to break down some information on OBGYNs and all that they provide, including the importance of female patients attending visitations for their services. Read on to learn more.

The Difference Between Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics, as well as gynecology, both represent medical specialties that center on two different aspects of the female reproductive system.

The obstetrics focus primarily concerns caring for pregnant women. This includes the unborn child labor, as well as the delivery and immediate time after childbirth. An obstetrician works to ensure that a mother and child receive the latest and best in prenatal care to assist with labor and delivery.

As a result, an OBGYN in Coral Gables can help accomplish delivery without complications while simultaneously remaining available should intervention appear necessary.

Gynecology focuses on any ailments that concern the female reproductive organs. This includes the fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, uterus, and vagina. These specialists may additionally treat any treat related problems concerning the bowel, bladder, and urinary system. This is primarily due to their relation to the female reproductive system, as well.

More Information on Obstetrics

During pregnancy, any number of complications may arise, including ectopic pregnancy. This is a condition where an embryo reaches the fallopian tube. However, fetal distress occurs as a result of compression, problems with the placenta, as well as high blood pressure. Ectopic pregnancy can indicate serious illnesses, potentially even leading to pre-eclampsia.

An OBGYN in Coral Gables has unique training in obstetrics that can assist with this and numerous other complications related to childbirth. Their intervention will guide a mother and baby through each phase of pregnancy, in addition to the birthing process.

Regardless if a mother delivers a baby vaginally or through cesarean section, obstetrics specialists can handle any change that presents during complex child birthing processes.

Obstetricians will also focus on the health of a mother and child following delivery. This ensures that both can ably make transitions into routine daily life without potentially fatal complications that can still occur even with the advancements in medicine and technology.

More Information on Gynecology

​OBGYN in Coral Gables​Most gynecologists additionally serve as obstetricians, as well. This is where the OBGYN title originates. Nonetheless, gynecologists focus on all other aspects of the female reproductive system from the onset of puberty, through menopause, and beyond into the later stages of their life.

Many women will visit an OBGYN in Coral Gables for an annual checkup that includes a pap test and a gynecological examination. Other reasons patients may visit with a gynecological specialist include pain or discomfort in the uterus, genitals, and breasts. These specialists additionally help with infertility and contraception.

Some gynecological diseases concerning the reproductive organs include:

  • Cancer
    • Ovaries
    • Cervix
    • Uterus
    • Fallopian tubes
  • Pelvic prolapse
    • This condition is common in postmenopausal women that possess weak pelvic muscles that experience difficulty supporting the uterus or bladder.
  • Yeast and bacterial infection
  • Irregular and painful menstruation
  • Pain during intercourse

Information on an OBGYN in Coral Gables from Trusted Women’s Health Center

An OBGYN in Coral Gables commonly deals with personal and sensitive health issues. In fact, they handle some of the most important health issues that can appear during a woman’s life. 

Nevertheless, many patients experience apprehension about seeing a gynecologist or obstetrician for the very first time. Despite feeling nervous or embarrassed about this scenario, patients should feel comfortable knowing that this is the best way to take their health into their own hands.

Our team from Trusted Women’s Health takes pride in assisting women in the South Florida area with their health maintenance. We focus on making patients feel as comfortable as possible in a welcoming environment.

To learn more about an OBGYN in Coral Gables from our team, contact our professional, caring, and dedicated staff today!