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Best OBGYN in Kendall

Best OBGYN in Kendall

How to Find the Best OBGYN in Kendall for Your Needs

Gynecologists are doctors that specialize in female reproductive health. Obstetricians care for women during their pregnancies, as well as after they give birth. They also handle baby deliveries. When you find the best OBGYN in Kendall, they are trained in both practice areas.

An OBGYN deals with some of a woman’s most pressing health issues, including birth control, childbirth, in addition to menopause and overall female reproductive health. OBGYNS also screen for cancer, treat infections, and perform surgery for urinary tract and pelvic organ issues.

Your OBGYN will deal with your personal and sensitive health concerns. It is only natural to experience some apprehension and anxiety about an OBGYN visit. 

You might feel particularly nervous or embarrassed about allowing the specialist to examine the most private parts of your body. You might also feel reluctant to discuss these intimate issues with an OBGYN as well.

To help alleviate some of this anxiety, our team from Trusted Women’s Health Center wants to share some tips and information on finding the best OBGYN in Kendall for your needs. Read on to learn more.

Find a Specialist that You Can Trust

When you are searching for the best OBGYN in Kendall, you want to find a doctor who you trust.

Some people point at a specialist’s name off a list provided by their health insurance provider, saying, “This is my new OBGYN!.”

Despite insurance carrier directories representing a good referral source for a specialist, it is important to vet any potential candidates thoroughly. Consider whether you’d feel more comfortable with a male or female OBGYN. 

Always meet with an OBGYN before making a final decision. You can also ask about their medical experience, certifications, as well as views or approaches to specific healthcare issues, including reproduction and birth control. This information can help you feel more comfortable before officially becoming their patient.

What to Expect from a Visit with the Best OBGYN in Kendall

Most OBGYN appointments begin with a general health analysis. A nurse will weigh you and take your blood pressure. They may administer blood and urine testing, as well. Then, they will take you to an examination room for a physical examination.

You OBGYN will then ask you some general personal and family health history questions. The doctor will examine the outside of your vagina, including the vulva and vaginal opening for any abnormalities.

They can then examine the reproductive organs. The OBGYN will use a speculum to view the inside of the body, including the cervix. You may feel some pressure; however, this is not intended to be painful.

Most OBGYNs will also administer a pap smear test during a pelvic examination. This involves the OBGYN taking a cell sample from your cervix with a small brush. They will send these cells to a laboratory to check for cervical cancer, human papillomavirus  (HPV), and a variety of other potential abnormalities.

Finally, your best OBGYN in Kendall may perform a bimanual examination by placing one or two fingers into the vagina and another hand on top of the lower part of the abdomen. With this method, they can feel and analyze the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries from outside of your body.

Information on the Best OBGYN in Kendall from Trusted Women’s Health Center

Finding the best OBGYN in Kendall for your needs can feel like an overwhelming task. There is just so much you must consider when picking out a doctor. This can include current health issues, in addition to any future plans.

Talking to friends and family members for referrals, as well as other doctors, can represent a great way to find a specialist. These individuals may exhibit positive experiences that they can share with you while helping guide you to a great OBGYN.

Our team from Trusted Women’s Health Center wants to extend our services and expertise as well. An Arab doctor in South Florida, Dr. Sidiq Aldabbagh is a caring and concerned professional dedicated to helping his patients feel welcome and comfortable while receiving the best possible care and results.  Contact our team today to learn more!