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Dr. Sidiq

Why women’s health? The simple answer is that women matter. Dr. Sidiq understands that a woman’s body and health are valuable and important. For this reason, he strives to offer only the best in patient care, often treating his patients with the same consideration and respect as he does his family.
His commitment to women’s health extends beyond his profession. Since the beginning, TWHC supports organizations that work towards eradicating women trafficking and exploitation.

Dr. Sidiq’s creed is to provide the best standard of care with minimal testing and lab work unlike what is found to be most common. He uses a holistic approach that considers his patients’ overall health, goals, and priorities before creating a wellness plan that is efficient, effective, and purposeful. Equally so, he strives to support his patients throughout the different stages of their lives.
From adolescence to adulthood, he is the doctor by their side. Always catering his care to their evolving needs, lifestyles, and priorities.

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