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Weight Reduction & Maintenance

It is important to eat enough to give your developing baby the vital nutrients they need to grow strong when you are pregnant. Most doctors encourage women to gain a little weight during their pregnancy, but what should you do if you’re already obese? Contact Dr. Sidiq today for any questions regarding ths issue. He will guide you through the appropriat steps to remain healthy while taking care of your growing baby.

Maintaining weight loss requires a different approach than losing the weight. It is important to realize that it’s not just about food anymore. There are alot of mental and emotional influences to maintaining weight loss. Take some time to think about things that are really important to you and how your weight ties into it. For example, you want to be there to see your children grow up and have kids of their own, or to take that 'bucket list' vacation you've always wanted to do. Most people maintain their wieght loss by moving for about an hour a day, and walking is their preferred activity.

Unfortunately, many people turn to food when they're stressed. If you have this problem, you must learn new ways to handle your emotions. Experiment to find things that work for you.For example, Get into your garden, go for a walk, try a serious workout, do yoga to chill out, or connect with a friend.

If you are a loner, it's time to start mingling. Everybody needs some support, whether it's emotional or logistical, to help you to stay accountable. Team up with family, friends, or co-workers, or sign up for a weight loss support group even if you're already at your goal weight. If you slimmed down with help from a dietitian or other expert, keep checking in with that person every now and then.

Whether it's your tablet, phone, computer, or TV, screen time tends to be idle time. It's easy to overeat while you're sitting in front of a screen. Give yourself a curfew:Set the amount of time each day that you will watch or surf.

Weigh yourself regularly. Research shows getting on the scales daily is a very effective strategy for those trying to maintain weight loss. Have a plan for what to do if your weight exceeds the level you want it to be. Take action promptly if you see those numbers starting to climb, whether that means trimming back on portion sizes or skipping dessert more often.

Eat breakfast. It isn't a magic meal, but weight loss depends on your overall calorie balance throughout the day. Eating breakfast sets the tone for the rest of your day. Begin each day with something that gives you nutrients. For instance, you could have oatmeal with fruit and nuts, or yogurt with berries or granola, or an omelet loaded with veggies and some whole wheat toast.

Eat a diet rich in fiber from plant foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, and legumes. Fiber helps you feel full.

Get regular physical activity, eat fewer calories, and track their progress (such as by weighing themselves regularly or wearing a pedometer) -- are more likely to succeed at long-term weight maintenance.

Vacations, holidays, and stressful life situations happen, and no one eats according to plan all the time. The trick is to get back on course as soon as possible.

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