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Risk-Reducing Salpingectomy

Salpingectomy is the surgical removal of a segment of one or both fallopian tubes that is done to remove a blockage in the fallopian tubes or creating a new opening. It is often used when a patient’s tubes have been damaged by disease, a past surgery, or adhesions. While it sounds like an extreme procedure, it is an effective treatment for fertility problems or tubal disease, including cancer or infection.

Although Dr. Sidiq attempts to keep the most holistic approaches to his practice, removing one or both fallopian tubes can often lead to better fertility outcomes than repairing the tubes. Before deciding on surgery, Dr. Sidiq uniquely identifies the best approach for each patient depending individual needs.

One of Dr. Sidiq’s past patients, underwent the surgery in a couple of hours, with no more than three small incisions made. While the procedure took place during the holidays, her quick 2-week recovery allowed her to transition back into her regular routine quickly and painlessly – just in time to enjoy the festivities with her family.

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